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Britney Spears Changes Name & Showcases Outfits While Dancing




Britney Spears, or as she now prefers to be called, River Red, put on a show for her fans on Sunday night, dancing to her heart’s content and showcasing three different outfits.

This comes just days after she announced her apparent name change on social media.

The singer displayed her signature moves during the evening, dancing to three separate tracks and changing her outfit each time. In her caption, Britney mentioned that she can’t act “too kooky or silly like kids” as people will call her “CRAY CRAY.” She went on to say that she’s sharing her dancing because “every person I call TAKES 9 RINGS TO ANSWER” and that “I bet after I post this my security answers after 2 RINGS.”

This impromptu performance followed a now-deleted post from last week, in which Britney shared a picture of Mars and wrote “I changed my name to River Red” and said “don’t underestimate the power of purity.” She also changed her name on Instagram to match the announcement.


Fans are confused by the supposed name change, and many are speculating that it may be related to Mars, also known as the red planet. However, there is also a lesser-known film from 1998 called River Red which is a disturbing family drama, but this seems less likely.

It’s worth noting that there were recent reports that Britney‘s husband, Sam Asghari, stormed out of a dinner in Woodland Hills this month when she was acting “manic” at their table. Both Britney and Sam have denied these claims, stating that the whole scene was blown out of proportion.

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