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George Foreman Countersues Accuser Of Sexual Abuse, Claiming Allegations Are Fabricated




George Foreman has stated that a woman who is accusing him of sexual abuse 45 years ago, when she was a minor, is lying and deliberately tarnishing his name. As a result, he has decided to take her to court.

Foreman filed a countersuit against his accuser, Gwen H., who had initially sued him last summer. Gwen and another woman had claimed that Foreman groomed and sexually abused them when they were still underage.

In his court documents, Foreman acknowledges that he cannot sue Gwen for the allegations she made in her lawsuit. He states that Gwen stepped outside of that protection when she held a news conference three months later. During the conference, she detailed her allegations saying “He asked me to remove my clothes, and if I didn’t then my father would be fired, so I complied.”

Foreman claims that Gwen‘s allegations, which were repeated in the news conference, are entirely fabricated and that she has no evidence to support her claims. He also states that Gwen is “hoping that the passage of time will excuse her complete lack of evidence.”


Additionally, George cites that Gwen had allegedly demanded more than lb12 million from him in order to stop her from going public with what he calls “her bogus claims.” He claims that he has suffered “anxiety, sleeplessness, worry, shock and humiliation” since Gwen’s news conference and is suing her for unspecified damages.

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