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Kylie Jenner’s Lion Head Accessory Receives Praise From PETA At Paris Fashion Week




Kylie Jenner‘s choice of wearing a lion’s head as an accessory to a fashion show has received praise from an unexpected source – animal rights group PETA.

The president of PETA, Ingrid Newkirk, has said that Jenner‘s outfit celebrates the beauty of lions and may be a statement against trophy hunting, which is where lion families are torn apart for human vanity.

As previously reported, Kylie wore the regal headpiece to the Schiaparelli Haute Couture show in Paris and made it clear that it was not a real lion, but rather a “faux art creation constructed by hand using manmade materials.”

The Schiaparelli show also featured Naomi Campbell wearing a black wolf’s head, which was most likely also fake.

PETA‘s president has praised Jenner for going faux and stated that “These fabulously innovative three-dimensional animal heads show that where there’s a will, there’s a way.”


This is a turnaround for Kylie, as she has been criticised by animal rights activists in the past for wearing real fur. It seems that Kylie has made some positive changes to her fashion choices.

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