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Shane Dawson & Ryland Adams Are Officially Married




YouTube stars, Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams have announced that they are now married.

The couple shared the exciting news on Instagram with a photo of them kissing in front of a Colorado courthouse. They also shared a 23-minute-long vlog documenting the big day and their relationship over the past seven years.

In the video, an enthusiastic Dawson said, “We’re getting married today!” while Adams added, “I honestly can’t believe it!” The couple explained that they had started planning their wedding for a specific day, and had even told their families to book the day. However, they had to change their plans as it was logistically better to get their marriage license in Colorado. Adams said, “We had the day planned out and the event planned out for what we thought was going to be our wedding. Logistically, it’s better to get our marriage license in Colorado and because we’re leaving to go back to California tomorrow, today is the last day we have to execute on that.”

Dawson added that he had thought that they would just go to the courthouse, do the paperwork, not tell anyone and then have the wedding in a month or two in L.A. However, he found out that it was a real wedding and that they had to do vows. Adams said, “It’s about time that the two of us get married!” and added that they were hoping to have kids this year.


The couple documented the entire experience, including reading their marriage vows aloud and sharing their first official kiss as spouses. To commemorate the day, the pair attempted to get finger tattoos in lieu of wedding rings, but decided against it after an artist explained to them that the tattoos would eventually rub off. So, they ventured into a Voodoo Doughnuts to splurge on their “wedding cake” instead.

The video then continued with the couple telling their family the big news before it wrapped with a ride down memory lane of their favourite relationship moments. Towards the end of the video, Adams read a note he had written to himself in 2015 that summarised what was to come. He said, “One aspect I’m missing in my life is love. I’ve always worked so hard to pay rent and get jobs and maintain my L.A. family, not to mention a perfect boy has never mistakenly fallen into my lap. I always push it aside, but the older I get, the harder that is to do. I want someone to share my successes with, to be there and someone to experience the world with.”

He continued, “The problem with that is, I’m addicted to work…it’s the life I love but I think something’s got to give. I intend to work hard. I intend to find love. I intend to do what is right for me. I choose happy.”

Dawson proposed to Adams in March 2019 after three years of dating. He popped the question on the anniversary of their first date and later announced the engagement on Twitter, sharing several photos from the special moment. Adams also shared the news on social media, writing how excited he was to start his new life with Dawson.


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